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Food is always a good idea!

August 24, 2017

Food is always a good idea!

No matter what nationality you are, what language you speak, how old you are, what skin color you have and how much you earn. Those things don’t define anyone. Each of us is different, we have our own affairs and lives. What we all have in common is we need food for life, and at LYOFOOD we treat food seriously, as part of our lives.

Food has power.

It can fill up your stomach but it can also heal or hurt you. Food can improve your mood or make you feel guilty. You should live consciously and eat food that makes you feel great and your body healthy, strong and comfortable. The concept of feasting has been with us since the beginning of humanity. Food has always played an important role. Life was once all about obtaining food. Today, when food is available to most people in the modern world and doesn’t require much effort to obtain, we have time to do other things. We work, we get stuck in traffic, we raise our children, clean our homes, shop and celebrate... Well, at least that’s what most people do. But if you start paying more attention to meals, you can change your life to make it better, fuller and more enjoyable.

A matter of taste.

It is no secret that heavy, fried foods are bad for the digestive tract. Sugar, fat and cholesterol destroy the body slowly but effectively. After a hearty, fat meal you find it hard to move and you feel sleepy. You have a coffee, and then start craving for something sweet - like a solid dessert. A surge of blood sugar and a power boost from caffeine give you an illusion of energy, which unfortunately is very short-lived. You can watch the effects of your nutritional choices. Everything you eat has a direct impact on your health and well-being. Often, a young body does a better job dealing with a poor diet, but sooner or later there comes a time you can no longer ignore facts. Keep a cool head, but educate yourself to know what to eat and what to better give up. Food should be enjoyed, just like other things in life. Don’t let anyone tell you that if it’s tasty, it must be unhealthy. There is a healthy alternative for any tasty yet unhealthy dish, which can be just as tasty, or even tastier. Every person has a different sense of taste, but everything in life can be changed. Just as you can learn anything, you can also teach your own brain to receive flavours differently. You can learn to eat healthier, yet tastier.

For good and for bad.

Your social status, the GDP, the numbers in your savings account or your Facebook like count don’t matter at the end of the day, when you look back at your life. Everyone has their own aims and desires. Our desire is for LYOFOOD to be with you at all the special moments in your life. Which do we think are the best? It’s those you spend outdoors, with the people you love. Away from the city and civilization. In the mountains, in the woods, by the lake or by the river. Everywhere the sound of birds, the rustle of trees and the murmur of water are heard. It’s when you have reached the destination of your hike, tired, hungry and happy. You breathe in the clean air smelling of moss, pine needles and grass. It’s time to sit down and have a meal that you will enjoy like never before. We want to be with you at all those exceptional moments when, tired after a long run, climb or ride, or a day spent on a ski slope, you sit down for a meal, hungry. These are among the best moments in life. We also want you to appreciate the power of a good, filling meal in any other, perhaps less happy situation. Whenever you come back tired from work, when problems are piling up, the weather is bad and things become too difficult and heavy. Sometimes it is a good idea to pause, take a deep breath, leave everything and go for a walk. Preferably some place with no people, where you can look at nature. Look at the clouds and the crowns of the trees. Get wet in a downpour or watch snowflakes slowly falling. When you get back home, you absolutely have to eat something healthy and delicious. Simple activities such as cooking have a therapeutic effect in stressful situations. Sometimes it's hard to get down to it. The food itself may not solve your problems, but a filling meal full of beneficial, natural ingredients will make you feel better right away.

Comfort food.

We put all our heart in making our LYOFOOD ready-to-eat lyophilized meals. They nourish the body and improve the mood. They are light and handy. They are easy to prepare, just open the package, remove the moisture absorber bag and add hot, boiled water directly into the meal pack. Stir, close the zip-lock and wait a while. A delicious, nutritious and healthy meal prepared with the finest ingredients is ready. In every home, office and on vacation. You can always take us with you.


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