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LYOFOOD is a company of three young passionate people, in love with nature, leading a healthy life style and having a lust for life.
One cannot present how LYOFOOD started without first talking about LYOVIT. LYOFOOD’s history is strongly combined with its cooperation partner LYOVIT - one of the major producers of freeze-dried herbs, fruits and vegetables with more than 20 years experience on the market.

Everything started in the ’90 when an engineer from Poland had the idea of freeze-drying chive in his back yard. If it works with blood plasma, it should also work with vegetables, right?

That time in Poland was not the best one for startups, but he managed to overcome all  difficulties and became one of the major producers of freeze-dried herbs, fruits and vegetables in Europe. When his 2 daughters grew up, even if both studied and experienced totally different fields, they decided to be a part of the business, but at the same time they wanted to create their own thing. In those times some athletes started asking about freeze-dried meals for their expeditions. As ready meals were not a commercial product for LYOVIT, they produced them only on demand and in exchange of some pictures and postcards that they received from all over the world.

The good word was being spread, more and more people started showing interest for good freeze-dried food. That was the push to create an own brand to satisfy the needs of climbers, sailors, backpackers, different extreme sportsmen but also of people who love nature and spend time outside with friends and family.

Two sisters - Laura and Wioletta were full of ideas and energy but something or better to say, somebody was missing to make these ideas visible in the right way. It had to be somebody equally passionate, motivated, outdoor enthusiast, creative and ready to have fun and a bit of craziness together.

The first thing about Przemek was his beautiful pictures he took during his trips on the glacier. The second thing was his voice during the first Skype chat. A lazy voice with a lot of power and passion in the same time. A very unique combination. It was not necessary to look further. The decision was made and Przemek joined LYO Team.

The missing puzzle found his right place and LYO started rolling in 2010. LYOFOOD officially separated from its mother company LYOVIT and was re-established by Wioletta, Laura and Przemek.

Lyofood team

For the past 6 years the brand has been consequently built with some significant successes such as winning twice the Outdoor Industry Award for the best outdoor meals on the market. New people joined LYO Team, according to the same rule: first having good time together, than working. LYOFOOD grows and fulfills its goals, but in a very different way than a typical business.

The rule:
“don’t make business with your friends and family”
seems not to concern us.

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enero 04, 2017

super!!! :-)

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