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Emergency Food

octubre 17, 2016 1 Comentario

Emergency Food

Can you imagine that food could not be available at one point?
What if floods make the streets uncrossable? Avalanches cut a city from the outside world? A blackout paralyzes the public infrastructure and supplies? Or there’s a quarantine due to an epidemic or an acute financial crisis.
Not to mention a war or nuclear disaster...
Seems quite unreal, even a bit paranoia? Not if you look what's happening around the world. We're quite comfortable where we are now, but not far from us, that's not the case. And not a long time ago, things were different even where we are now. Food and water were once, and may become again, unsafe or unavailable. This fall, German government strongly advised its citizens to have at least 10 days food provisions in their houses. Can't hurt to have some extra food lying around.


What needs to be taken into consideration:
the food should make you full
the food should be healthy
the food should be prepared quick and easy
the food should not require any special storage conditions; no food locker, no cellar and no special shelves should be needed
the food should not take up too much space
the food should have a long shelf life
the food should not require cooking
Sounds impossible?

Not really! Here are some ready to eat freeze-dried meals, which our company has been producing for 25 years. These meals not only meet all the listed criteria, but are also 100% natural and tasty. We have choices for vegetarians and vegan, as well as for people with gluten or lactose intolerance. Our products have gained the reputation of being the tastiest outdoor meals on the market, winning several international awards including the Gold OutDoor Industry Award.



We are working close with the world’s best athletes who use our products in extreme conditions. Our meals have reached the highest mountains, crossed the biggest deserts and sailed the longest regattas. It does not matter if it is extremely hot, cold or wet. Thank to our technology the products keep the vitamins and nutrition values in all conditions.

Our meals are easy to prepare under any conditions - just add hot water, they will rehydrate and become just like a normal homemade dish.



 In case of catastrophes it can come to blackouts and shortage of water supply. Our meals are precooked and can be eaten also without adding any water in case of emergency.

Our food is safe! The products are tested several times in our in-house laboratory and in an external lab.

In certain situation trash disposal may not be possible. To avoid additional garbage, our meals can be eaten directly out of the pouch. The tinny bag is all that is left behind.


Our 10 days package offers the food needed for one person for 10 days.
We propose two different menus, a vegetarian one and a meat based menu. They include breakfasts, soups, main meals, fruits as well as fruit and vegetable powders that are perfect for preparing healthy vitamin-rich drinks. The menus are easily and quickly prepared and taste fresh.

Don’t wait any longer! Take care of yourself and share the link with family and friends so that everyone will be safe!



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Jackson Carter
Jackson Carter

enero 24, 2019

Drying is the critical factor in preservation of food products. The removal of moisture helps prevent bacterial activity and spoilage. Salt can be used to accelerate the removal of water and hence its widespread use as a traditional preservative. Modern day methods of water removal include freeze drying which will both remove the water and significantly reduce the weight of the food. Smoking the meat imparts extracts from the smoke (phenols, etc.) that helps to retards the growth of spoilage bacteria. Today preservatives are typically added to retard bacterial growth .

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