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Curry de ortigas para Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll

LYOFOOD Sp. z o.o.
ul. Zagnańska 97A
25-558 Kielce, Poland

Types de produits: Main Meals

What eats Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll?

This vegetarian, gluten-free nettle green curry, created by one of world's famous climbers, will delight every taste. Delicate coconut milk, topped with lime juice and spiced with chili, coriander, lemon grass and Sean's favorite, the nettles. It creates a sauce that will remain in your memory for a long time. All of this served with large pieces of vegetables and rice. A healthy, filling, balanced meal with natural ingredients. Take it with you when you start off your new adventure! 

The Nettle Curry by Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll is the first meal out of a unique menu of meals developed together with our brand ambassadors.

This project "Let's cook something up together" received the Outdoor Industry Award 2017. Learn more about this unique menu.
We are cooking before freeze-drying.
In our pouches there are no artificial additives, no extra sugar, no palm oil and no preservatives !
Our meals are made from 100% natural ingredients and some of them are growing on our own fields.
We produce with LOVE! Enjoy our products!

All our products are produced in our facility in Poland.

Ingredients & nutrition values

arroz 30%, leche de coco 25%, calabaza, guisantes dulces, calabacín, zanahoria, brócoli, judías verdes, guindilla verde 1%, ortigas 1%, hojas de cilantro, zacate de limón 1%, especias, zumo de lima, aceite de oliva, sal.
Valores nutricionales por 100g por 110g (500g rehidratado)
Calorias 2015kJ / 482 kcal 2216kJ / 530 kcal
25 g 28g
de las cuales saturadas 21 g 23 g
Carbohidratos 51 g 56 g
azúcar 12 g 13 g
Fibra 8 g 8,8 g
Proteina 10 g 11 g
Sal 1,5 g 1,6 g

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