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let's cook something up

Out Door

With a great pleasure we present you the first three propositions from a unique menu of highly individual meals. Composed & cooked together with our ambassadors - our friends.

Each one is an expression of individual taste, nutritional preferences and personality. Without any compromises, they are 100% natural and made exclusively with only high quality ingredients.

What set this menu apart is a fact that each meal will become a shared property. We want our friends to own a fair share of revenue coming from the products we have created together.

How the project - LET’S COOK SOMETHING UP - works?

1. Brainstorming

We get together with each ambassador to discuss their culinary ideas.

They are all passionate and aware of what they eat. They are all individualists having different approaches to nutrition, different needs and ideas of how outdoor food should be like. We don’t judge. We just want to make it happen.

1. Creation

Next we work on various recipes and finally choose the one that best reflects the athlete’s personality.

It is his/her taste and nutritional preferences that define the meal. This Menu is as much about collaboration and solidarity as individuality.

1. Magic

Eventually we make a trial version of the meal to be tested again and again by us and our ambassadors.

Once approved, the meal goes into production - we cook, freeze-dry and pack it.

1. Revelation

When the meal is market-ready, promotion and sales are deployed.

The meal and recipe are co-owned by both LYOFOOD and the athlete, who receives royalties for every single pouch of the meal sold.

# 1

nettle curry by Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll

Nettle Curry

That could be a classic Vegan Green Curry but it’s Sean’s one, so we had to put the nettles he loves, removed potatoes he avoids, gave a certain amount of coconut milk and as many veggies as left over in our fridge.

The key point are aromatic herbs and spices like tumeric, coriander seeds, coraidner leaves, cumin, garlic, ginger and lemon grass.

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Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll is a pro climber, our ambassador and recently has debuted as a film director with hilarious "Adventures of Dodo".

He likes to challenge himself by free climbing giant rock walls, preferably in the wild and isolated places. His expeditions in remote locations impressed international audience and fellow climbers many times over. The dedication and persistence in reaching virgin big walls, completed by purity of climbing style, set Sean as a role model for many.

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# 2

APPLE CRUMBLE by Marko Prezelj

Apple Crumble

What is Marko Prezelj's favourite dessert? Apple pie without pie! That was something that inspired us to make a freeze-dried Apple Crumble aka Apple Pie without a Pie.

Sweet fried apples and crunchy traditional crumble bread brings to mind the time spent with grandparents.

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Marko Prezelj is a Slovenian pro alpinist. He works as a professional mountain guide, photographer and as a mentor for the young group of Slovenian alpinists.

Marko has done numerous first ascents in Karakorum and the Himalayas. He received four Piolet d'Or awards for his alpine style climbs. For Marko, style in climbing is more important than the summit and the simple life is his ultimate challenge.

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# 3


Apple Crumble

Chewing and swallowing at high altitudes is rarely easy and alpinists know it better than anyone else. It was Mathieu Maynadier’s stories that ignited a spark and got us thinking… How about we create a dish that would be effortless to consume and at the same time provide enough energy to keep you going? The very essence of the idea behind LYO EXPEDITION line.

Mashed potatoes and a hand-picked selection of the finest cheeses combined with mushrooms marinated in a home-made Worcester sauce. Mesdames et Messieurs, we give you Mash & Cheese by Mathieu Maynadier. A real high-altitude feast.

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Mathieu Maynadier is full-time alpinist, experienced ski mountaineer and works as a professional mountain guide.

Mathieu started off as a ski mountaineer. He was quickly selected for the French national team and got to compete at the international level winning silver at European Youth Championships as well as two national champion titles on his home turf. In search of new challenges, he stepped out of the race binding to immerse himself in the world of mountaineering.

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More deliciousness coming soon...

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